DIESEL INJECCIÓ, S.L. is a company which specialises in repairing every type of vehicle, as well as in repairing injectors and pumps. We aim to integrate all of our quality and environmental protection related activities. This requires a commitment from all of us to continuously improve our activities and to ensure Customer satisfaction and conservation of our environment.

This policy is the frame of reference for establishing objectives and environmental and quality programmes, and it is based on the following basic principles:

  • Development of a Quality and Environmental Management System based on UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001 Standards as a means of ensuring their development.
  • Ensure professional, safe and quick action.
  • Properly train our staff, providing them with the most appropriate resources to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in their work.
  • Promote an internal and external communication policy which facilitates staff awareness and participation.
  • Put the necessary infrastructure in place to carry out the work involved in the certified activity.
  • The need for compliance with established legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Encourage the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the integrated management system and the prevention of pollution, both in the generation of waste and in sound environmental management, as well as through the optimisation of natural resources.
  • Minimise the hazardous waste generated by the activities by recycling and reusing wherever possible and reduce our company’s potential impacts on the Environment.
  • Include environmental issues in the apprenticeship programmes and promote the implementation of good environmental practices such as continuous training for all DIÈSEL INJECCIÓ, S.L. staff.
  • Extend the environmental management to the contractors involved in the various phases of our service.
  • Meet our customers’ needs and expectations with an excellent service so as to maintain their level of satisfaction.
  • This integrated policy is regularly reviewed to ensure the compliance of the company’s developed processes with the requirements of all parties involved and with the changes generated in the sector through the continuous improvement of the integrated quality and environmental management system.


DIÈSEL INJECCIÓ, S.L.’s management is COMMITTED to the spirit and content of this POLICY providing the necessary RESOURCES to ensure compliance.